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About Us

About SEED,

SEED is a center for special education and related services. We are located in Al Garhoud in Dubai, UAE.

Our primary focus is children with neurodevelopmental disorders such as specific learning disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder, developmental coordination disorder, and language and communication disorders. These children may have various special needs. These needs may include a need for special education services along with intervention needs in speech and language, communication, and behaviour.

In UAE, in the context of education and social rehabilitation, these children are known as Students of Determination to reflect and highlight the determination with which these children cope with their disabilities to achieve and succeed in life.

Former Chairman's Message

In SEED, we have created international methods of developing the skills and personalities of children and young adults to support their special needs. We make them learn, develop, and grow in an ambience where education blends with their unique talents. According to eduArabia, NIMS Dubai, our pioneer institution, is one of the top schools with special education support in the UAE.

“Affordable education for all.” was the slogan of our former Chairman, Dr. M. K. Kamaluddin. He always strived to offer the best education to all the sections of our society. From this great idea, we have developed an affordable special education center for our specially challenged children.

We are committed to providing our special children with the finest possible care and proven educational approaches. We have an exemplary team to nurture our kids. Each member of our team is always ready to assist the kids and help them prepare for a better future.


Our vision is to offer special education and therapy services to specially challenged children by using modern techniques and providing novel methods to normalise them and give cognizance to the parents.


Our mission is to educate special children around the globe and to brighten their lives. Let the society make them comfortable to move forward and appreciate their skills.

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