During parenthood, you might have experienced this kind of situation where you ask your kid “What you like to become in future” and their reply would be
”I want to be a police officer!”
And if the same question was asked the next day, the answer might be
“I wish to work as a photographer.”

Wait, what?

How do their interests change so suddenly? What steps can you take to help them feel passionate?
If you are searching for the answer, then career counselling is it.

Career Counselling

The first and the best mentors of children are always their parents. However, it is also sometimes hard to read your kids’ minds. Here is where career counselling can help you. They can help your kids make informed decisions about their career paths. The trained professionals assist your kids in exploring their personalities, interests, values, skills, passions and goals. It can identify suitable career options for your kids.

SEED- Social Educational Emotional Development

SEED is the best special education centre in the Dubai. SEED provides services mainly in three domains that are Support for Differently Abled Children, Training Certification Courses and Life Coaching & Career Counselling. SEED aims to mould a generation of independent, developed and wise ones.

Career Counselling programmes in SEED

Career Counselling Guidance in SEED is widely known for its two efficient programmes. They are Stream Selection Counselling and Career Orientation Guidance.

Stream Selection Counselling

The age of 13 to 15 is very crucial in deciding the future career plan of the students. As the first step of it, choosing the stream for higher education is a pivotal decision. For that, SEED provides Stream Selection Counselling for students in Grades 8 to 10.

Stream Selection Counselling helps students choose streams like Humanities, Commerce, Science etc. It helps students save themselves from the dilemma of their future education and career. Through a career and subject assessment, we offer your kid personalised assistance in selecting a suitable academic stream based on their interest and aptitude.

Career Orientation Guidance

Many kids choose their streams during their higher education without any idea about what their courses offer to their future. Also, the kids feel less motivated and insecure during this period.

At SEED, we offer career orientation guidance for the students of 11th and 12th. We give detailed insight to kids about the scope of the stream they are studying, the present job trend, skill acquisition programmes and so on.

Through personalised assessments and in-depth discussions, we analyse your kids’ interest zones, their strength and their passions. By doing this, we can assist your child in selecting a major for their college or university. It will be a foundation for a successful academic experience and career opportunity. We also support your kid to choose their career with determination, commitment and confidence.

Why is SEED the best choice for you?

Personalised & Customised Approach: Helps flexibility in the career counselling process. We support them on the basis of their unique needs, interests, strengths, and aspirations.
Career Assessment Test: A tool to identify your kid’s interest and aptitude.
OneOnOne Sessions: Helps to build an atmosphere of support, trust and confidentiality where students feel free to share their aspirations with their counsellors.
Inclusive Environment: Every child is welcome to SEED regardless of their abilities, socio-economic status or background.
LongTerm Support: SEED offers continual support, ensuring children and families access the resources needed for long-term success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should parents consider career counselling for their children?

It helps to make informed decisions about their future career. And also to provide insights into emerging industries, trends, and opportunities, helping students identify suitable career paths aligned with their aspirations.

How long does it take to see results from SEED's career counselling guidance?

Results from SEED’s career counselling vary based on individual goals. Some gain clarity quickly, while others need ongoing support. Our counsellors are committed to guiding you until you’re confident in pursuing your career goals.

Can SEED's career counselling guidance help individuals explore non-traditional career paths or entrepreneurial ventures?

SEED’s career counselling enhances diverse aspirations, including entrepreneurship, start-ups, business etc. We offer tailored support and resources for exploring unconventional paths, developing entrepreneurial skills, and accessing necessary support.

For my kid, the career counselling guidance from SEED was groundbreaking. He was confused about his job possibilities. With their tailored assistance and expert guidance, he was able to find his direction and become more confident in his dream chasing. He felt empowered and satisfied by SEED’s inclusive attitude. Thanks to SEED, he is now headed toward a rewarding career.

Fathimath Najiya


SEED’s career counselling exceeded my expectations. The counsellors gave my child personalised help by considering her skills, what she is interested in, and what she wants to do in her career. They shared advice and resources that were perfect for her. Their support was vital, and I’m so thankful for the direction they provided to her. SEED goes out of its way to help people reach their goals.

Thoufeeque M


SEED’s career counselling empowered me to envision my future confidently. Despite feeling lost about graduation prospects, SEED’s counsellors provided invaluable guidance that gave me confidence and clarity. I developed a roadmap for my career based on my passions. Thanks to their individualized approach, resolute support, and helpful suggestions. I wholeheartedly recommend SEED’s services if you’re looking for specialized and life-changing career counselling.

Anashwara P


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