Our Center for Therapy and Intervention in Dubai, is your haven of support and guidance. Our center is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of behaviour intervention services, specifically designed to nurture positive behaviours in children. Our team of experienced and qualified therapists at the Center for Therapy and Intervention are here to help address various challenges, including aggression, anger, disobedience, stubbornness, obsession, gadget addiction and truancy.

At our center, we understand the unique needs of children with autism. Through our specialized therapy programs tailored to each child’s individual requirements, we aim to make a positive difference in their lives. Our focus extends to speech therapy services that enhance communication skills and foster meaningful interactions.

As part of our commitment to special education in Dubai, we offer educational therapy that provides unwavering support to students with special needs. SEED employs a comprehensive approach, beginning with a thorough assessment of each student’s needs, followed by the design of personalized interventions to promote their development and success. We value the significance of technology in special education and employ innovative tools and strategies to maximize learning outcomes.

Renowned for our exceptional services, the Center for Therapy and Intervention is dedicated to promoting positive behaviour and overall well-being. We understand the challenges children may face, whether it’s aggression, anger, disobedience, stubbornness, obsession, gadget addiction, or truancy. Our qualified and experienced therapists are here to guide them on their journey towards positive change.

Discover more about the services we offer at the Center for Therapy and Intervention and how we can assist your child in developing positive behaviours and experiencing personal growth.

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