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Career Options After 10th Grade in Dubai: Which Stream to Choose?

When we talk about Dubai, the city is full of life. No space in the city is empty or lifeless. The country itself boasts vast opportunities like its skylines.

The city’s commitment to bringing timely changes in the Education sector is adamant. Also, the Education Sector of Dubai boasts world-class institutions and a globally recognized curriculum.

Students in Dubai not only have the privilege of learning in a multicultural environment but also benefit from the city’s booming industries, varying from finance to technology.

Dubai provides an excellent backdrop for educational and career options, promising wide opportunities in this dynamic city.

The crucial moment only arises when your child arrives at 10th grade, it comes along with its own set of challenges and choices.

Did you know that between 2022-23, a significant number of students across the globe faced different challenges, while choosing a course after their 10th grade?
The story is no different in Dubai, where 6 out of every 10 students only tend to re-evaluate their career choices after completing their 12th grade.

The real question here is – is it because of the lack of interest in the courses, a discovery of a new passion, or the search for better career opportunities, that prompts this reconsideration?

The Global Challenge

Recent studies reveal that a whopping 51% of students lack confidence in their career choices upon entering colleges and universities. What may be the reason behind this? One of the common reasons is the lack of awareness during crucial decision-making moments. When we speak particularly, after or during the 10th grade.

Importance of Stream Selection

In Dubai, as in many countries, the class 10th plays an important year in every student’s life. Some may have a clear vision, while others find themselves at a career crossroads.
You may be facing the age-old confusion,
-Science, Commerce, or Arts? The situation is common among all students across the globe when choosing their career.

Common Mistakes in Decision Making

Just like any other country, students in Dubai often make common mistakes when making choices after the 10th grade. It may be due to peer pressure, blindly following trends, and only focusing on the results without considering the journey, which may not be as fruitful as it seems.

Streams After 10th in Dubai

Understanding the circumstances in Dubai is crucial. While the choice and potential vary, some common streams are there. Science, with its focus on technology, engineering, and medical fields, remains a popular choice among students. Commerce, offering avenues in business and finance, appeals to the people who are more interested in business. Whereas, Arts and Humanities, once considered less important or less preferred, now become among the unique and exciting opportunities.

How to Make Informed Career Choices For Your Child, with SEED

More like the dynamic city itself, SEED stands committed to adapting to the timely changes in the education sector, aligning with Dubai’s job market. With a global perspective and values on the industries, SEED provides invaluable career counselling to students, making sure they make informed decisions after the 10th grade.

This personalized guidance becomes especially crucial as students in Dubai commonly face issues such as rethinking their career choices after the 12th grade. By guiding students away from common decision-making mistakes, SEED becomes a bridge between their skills and opportunity, connecting individuals with the best streams available in Dubai, from engineering at BITS Pilani’s Dubai Campus to the Medical College for Girls. SEED becomes a trusted companion, helping students find their interests in the global job market.

Dubai is not just a city, it’s a global market aligned across all the countries. Picking one of these paths means you’re not just learning things but, you are also getting an idea of different industries.
Altogether, as you are there deciding your first step, think about the future you want to create for yourself in this city!