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Children with Cerebral Palsy: Make Everyday Special with Blooming Care

For children with Cerebral Palsy, everyday activities can be challenging. But with the right support and encouragement, they can overcome these challenges and thrive.

Have you ever thought about how children with cerebral palsy get their rhythm to overcome the challenges they face every day?

Cerebral Palsy is a condition that affects body movements due to brain damage. This mainly happens in infancy due to brain damage, head injuries, infections in the mother during pregnancy etc.

Everyday activities for children with cerebral palsy can be challenging. Let’s see how we can support them on their journey and empower their lives with utmost care and attention.

1. Exploring your child’s potential

As every child is unique, your child also has some special abilities. Unlike other kids, identifying those in our children requires much more effort. Let’s look at how.

1. Keen Observation

Keenly observing them in their every action can help us to get a picture of their strengths. Having hobbies, specific activities, and enjoying particular subjects shows their interests.

2. Open Communication

Open communication with your child can help you to understand their strengths, interests, dreams and challenges. Using simple language and exploring sign language can help them expand their imagination and enhance their communication skills.

2. Building a world of supportiveness

A home is a place where comfort and strength begin. No matter how much a child is going through, there will be parents to stand with them. Let’s see how to make a beautiful world for them.

1. Encouragement and Independence
  • Listening to your children when they are happy or sad makes them feel included. They will understand that they have a shoulder to cry on.
  • Practising applause for every achievement, big or small, makes your kid confident.
  • Breaking tasks into smaller sections like eating, bathing etc. helps children with CP become more independent.
2. Development of Emotional Intelligence and Social Skills
  • Educating your child that ‘Abilities are greater than Disabilities’ can make your child’s mindset positive.
  • Providing them with age-appropriate facts about what’s happening and what’s going on and telling them it’s okay is a great tip for emotional development.
  • Also, teaching them how to interact with others is essential as humans are social beings.

3. Creating an accessible and safe place

Feeling comfortable and a safer environment around children with CP makes them more functional. Some measures can create a safer and more accessible environment for your child.

  • Simple modifications to furniture and living spaces.
  • Assistive technologies that can make daily life easier.
  • Creating a safe place for exploration and play.

4. Medical and Therapeutic care

It is always important to seek medical and therapeutic care from qualified professionals. It helps you know about the different aspects of CP and your child’s progression. The therapy provided by professionals mainly consists of-

  1. Physical Therapy: muscle training and exercises
  2. Occupational Therapy: empowering to do everyday activities
  3. Speech Therapy: speaking exercises and learning sign language

Also, medicines are provided by medical professionals to relax certain muscles or muscle stiffness etc.

In short, it is about caring our children no matter how they are. Finding their talents, providing a supportive and safe haven and the right therapeutic care can make a big difference in their lives.  As a leading Cerebral Palsy Therapy Centre in Dubai, SEED provides pivotal care and therapy to children with CP. By offering Personalised Treatment Plans for children with CP, Skill Development Programmes and Family Training and Support Programmes, SEED empowers and encourages the growth of children with CP.

Imperfections are your greatest perfection. Seek solace with the Best Cerebral Palsy Therapy Center in Dubai.